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Why plus-size clothing sucks

Plus-size fashion has come a long way, thanks to the increasing presence of plus-sized bloggers/YouTubers. They have been vocal with their feedback, and the change is now percolating to high-street brands. Target just launched their Victoria Beckham collection that goes up to a plus-size. Five years ago I would have scoffed at the idea of Victoria's designs being available in plus-size. It would have seemed unbelievable.

I have always been very fond of dressing up and having traversed the spectrum from plus-size to straight-size, I feel, plus-size clothing sucks, and will never match up to straight-sized clothes. I am not entirely sure why this is so, but I have observed certain patterns (pun!) in the differences between the two spectrums

1. The construction material: The best plus-size clothes I owned were made of a stretchy jersey knit material. It was very comfortable and had give. Sometimes I would see a synthetic material like polyester mixed with lycra. That was generally fo…
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Does your white tee bring you joy?

Mary Kondo famous words in her best-selling tome on decluttering, was to pick every item in the house & ask yourself - Does this bring me joy?

If your heart says no, throw it away! Your space should only be full of items that bring you joy. By that logic, I would be sockless and would have no plates to eat out of, coz neither inspire any joy in me.

Inspired by her, thousands of fashionistas have whittled down their closets to 30 items, all based on a carefully curated color scheme that builds on neutrals and is environmentally sustainable.

But I don't buy it.

This new "carefree wannabe-french chair painter" is just another version of the "manic pixie dream girl" before her, which seems to come in from the entire "French Girl" aesthetic. While their intentions are noble - buy less, waste less  - is always a good motto in life, I don't agree with their negativity towards fast fashion brands and their tendency to ignore their economic privilege.

Makeup Resolutions for 2017

I was browsing through my draft posts, and came across one I did in 2014 about makeup trends. Of all the things I noted there (which to be honest was just one item - thicker eyebrows), I could have never guessed how different makeup would be in 2017.

In the past few months I started to feel old & outdated with my brown eyeliner & red lipstick while girls around me have been wearing so much makeup I would probably say their skin type is "Banana Powder". This was rather unbecoming of my past as a beauty blogger and I needed to find a way to burn money, so I made a list. Of makeup resolutions.

My makeup resolution list for this year looked like:

1. Buy highlighter, and apply to high points of face daily for looking like I ate light bulbs for dinner. No such thing as too much highlighter. But not on the nose-tip, cause that's veering into Rudolf territory.

2. Buy contouring powder. Ignore fact that my cheekbones are already very high and looking gaunt comes easy to …

Some more updates

Sorry, I couldn't think of a more interesting blog post title. I am a bit rusty.

First of all, I am surprised that my blog post yesterday was read by 51 people! One of them was my adorable younger sister, and she's my constant cheerleader! Thank you, Sims!

And thank you to the other 50 people too! and a big shoutout to Abha, Ashima & Budget Belleza who even commented!

Also Shweta, who has been encouraging me to get back to blogging for the last three years.

I wasn't anticipating more than 10 views, to be honest. But then I was also convinced that there would be stray kangaroos roaming the streets of Sydney before I moved here. After all, Australia has more kangaroos than people.

I have always enjoyed writing. Its been my outlet for dealing with stress, and when I moved to Australia a year ago, I did start an anonymous blog to chronicle my experiences here. I thought my posts could be useful for other new migrants. But I found it harder to articulate my feelings throug…

Life Updates - 2017

I am not sure if anyone's still reading this blog. But if you are here, Hello! Nice to see you!
I stopped updating quite a while ago. I had to decide between prioritizing my time and blogging took a backseat. I anyways approached blogging from a very casual, chatty perspective (in case you missed it from my terrible pictures of products & swatches, and no blog post announcing the acquisition of a DLSR in 2014). But in 2015, beauty blogs started to become uber professional with color co-ordinated white flatlays, vlogs, five posts a day and diplomatic no-ratings reviews. No judgment there, it just was the direction beauty blogging in India seemed to be taking. And one I had no time for. 
With my full-time job and primal lifestyle to better my health, I didn't have the mental mind space to work on reinventing this blog, and honestly, I didn't want to temper my thoughts & opinions just to build professional inroads with the Indian beauty brands. I knew my blog would s…

Maybelline The Nudes Palette is here!

I have been coveting a nude / neutral palette for a long time. It has been *the* eyeshadow rage abroad ever since Urban Decay launched their Naked Palette. It is available in India in the grey market but the price is so prohibitive that I didn't think it was worth it.

Drugstore companies of course responded with their own versions - but that too were not available or launched in India. Our local companies like Lakme & Colorbar always seem to be a on trend trip of their own - and like eyebrows - felt this was a trend not worth responding to. And with Maybelline's history of late to never launches, The Nudes palette was something I put down on my - To Buy from Trip abroad list. I could have just gone to MAC or Inglot and got it custom made, but I'm one of those lazy girls who just wants a ready made palette.

Yesterday I stopped by the Maybelline counter to check out their new Colorshow lipstick launch. The counter had not yet recieved the full 32 shades and had like a v…

Calling all Game of Thrones Fans - lets talk about their makeup!

**Spoiler Alert**: the post references material from the ASOIAF books, online tin-foil theories, and the show GOT. 

How many of you look forward to Monday mornings? Not me, until two weeks ago.

Coz Season 5 of Game of Thrones  has begun on HBO Defined! It airs at an ungodly 6:30 am on Monday morning, but I make sure to always watch it!

It has been a long wait since Season 4, and I've been spending time between the two seasons revisiting the earlier episodes and also reading the books. I just started Book 4 - A Feast For Crows in the saga called "A Song of Ice & Fire" and spending all my free time reading up various theories online. R+L = J is so popular that now it is taken for granted to be true. Just two days ago I came across another theory D=E that I'm almost convinced about. And while we are talking about Daario, I think they should bring back the earlier actor. I have read that they replaced him because he wasn't a good actor, but I  still would vote to…