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My hair is now relaxed..

Ok, that is a bad pun. The point is I got my hair relaxed, aka chemically straightened. My cousin had the procedure done last September, & I loved the results. Her hair was so smooth, soft, shiny. I finally took the plunge this Monday.
The procedure goes something like this:
1.       Show up with freshly washed hair. Ensure that you have not applied any product post shampoo.
2.       The technician will section the hair & apply a relaxing chemical (I used a Wella product). It stays for 20 – 30 minutes.
3.       Wash off the relaxant with lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly.
4.       Straighten hair using a iron
5.       Apply a neutralizer (this again was a Wella product) for 20-30 minutes. This stops the relaxing process.
6.       Wash off using warm water.
7.       Deep condition the hair.
8.       Blow dry.
The entire process takes upto 3 hours (I have shoulder length hair) & it cost me 6000/-.  
1.       For the first 3 (72 hours) days – one needs to ensure that the hair don’t get wet at all. Even sweating is not good. It makes the hair kinky again.
2.       Hair needs to be left loose for the first 3 days. No bobby pins or hair bands, no clips, no tucking behind the ear. Hair, if bent in any way, will retain the shape.
3.       Now put points 1&2 together – it gets tough, no wetting & no tying! I managed with a cloth alice band for these 3 days.
4.       Post the 3 day period, you can either go for a hair spa at a salon or follow the following procedure at home (that’s what I did)
a.       Wash with a moisturizing salon quality shampoo – I used Schwarzkopf sulfate free shampoo
b.       Deep condition: I used L’oreal Hair Spa Conditioner (you must have seen these huge tubs at salons – they are more like creamy masks) – apply only to hair (not scalp). Leave it in for 10 mins. Rinse with cold water.
c.       Air dry, remove tangles with wide tooth comb.
d.       Apply serum to hair that is 80% dry. I used Organix coconut milk serum
e.       Once it was completely dry, I sprayed some Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Leave in conditioner.
5.       Deep conditioning once a week is essential
6.       No oiling of hair for 6 to 8 months.
As for now, I am pretty happy with my hair. It is extremely manageable – a brush through for a few seconds, & it looks like I spent hours blow-drying it. It is rather perfect for office, where it always looks polished & well groomed. Does it have personality like beachy or curly hair – no, but it makes me look better & is so, so soft! I love running my fingers through it.  J
Have any of you got your hair relaxed? Any tips??


  1. I got it done last month! But i was advised regular oiling...!!! and i love the manageability too... although my hair is super duper oily :( and they need to be washed every second third day... you must put up ur pics tanveer!!

  2. Hey T , wanted a suggestion from you. I went to my hair stylist a month back and he told me that my hair have become a lil dry may be due to my job which involves lot of he told me to use livon for better results.. wanted to know from you is there any other serum which is better or is livon the best one available.. what exactly does a serum do to the hair ?? lots of queries hehe

  3. wow tanveer now ur hair must look "chat ke dam ke dam ke" sorry for the bad joke! :D yup i have relaxed my hair thrice!!!! :O well, i tell u it needs a lot of care from ur side and make sure u always put nice conditioner on ur hair and do put some serum to prevent splitting of ur hair(as some products can suck out the moisture in ur hair after some time) and also do a deep conditioning atleast once in 2 weeks, i used to do it every week, the third time around and if u take proper care of ur hair during this time when the normal hair starts to grow, it won't look ugly next to the relaxed hair( I hope u understand what i mean....haven't u seen some ppl's hair half normal and half relaxed). anyway, enjoy ur new found freedom as far as hair manageability is concerned. :)

  4. Nice. I wish u had clicked a pic...maybe just the back :D. U can get it done for less than 6000 T. Wella products used cost only Rs.250 a tube. My friend here get's it done for around Rs.2500 and she's got a lion's mane :D

    Ya Loreal Hair Spa is the best after the treatment.


  5. My hair is naturally straight and soft..but gets frizzy at times..mostly with weather change..I was thinking of hair smoothening but m not sure..actly scared of chemicals going in my hair :/

  6. Wow. Hope you put up a pic. I have never relaxed my hair. I love curls and my naturally big waves though.

  7. hey wow Tanveer...please please please put up a pic....back ka also will do..:)

  8. Got mine done a few months back and I love the fact that hair looks more manageable.But the fact is relaxed hair needs a lot of tlc or else it starts deteriorating.My stylist actually told me to oil hair twice a month and so far it has not created a problem.I also apply egg and olive oil pack once a month.Also since relaxed hair is more prone to split ends they should be trimmed once every 2 months or so.But these days I'm aching for my curly mane.I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

  9. wonderful tanz :D :D if not here pls on face book .. would love to see your pic :D :D

  10. Hey!

    First of all I'd like to say that reading your blog is a treat!
    Keep it up :)

    I wanted to ask you how long this treatment lasts and whether curling your hair with a curling iron reverses the effects.


  11. i had straightened my hair twice in the last 2 years and as long it lasted i had no issues at all. but this year when it was time to touch up i have satrted facing acute hair fall. I visited a triclogy center n they showed my scalp condition. I had swollen roots due to the repeated procedure. Now i was told the smothening is different than that true and also would love to hear from someone who has repeated the procedure several time cos i miss my straight soft mane.....

  12. Coul you please share the shampoo name Sulfate free one..


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