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Afraid of a bright lip? So is she...

There are some girls who don't wear bright lipstick or a lot of colorful eye makeup. This is primarily because of a few reasons:

1. They are scared. The shades can be intimidating.

2. They don't know how. Which is ok, not everyone knows everything.

3. Their faces can't carry off a lot of makeup. There are some people like this, their features are such that they are unable to wear a lot of makeup w/o it looking overdone & odd.

Which ever category you may fall into, there is always inspiration in the form of Dia Mirza. I'm not sure which of the above she falls into, but she manages to look nice & fresh all the time.

Is it a bit boring to see her in the plain jane avatar all time? Yes. But I rather be boring, than be daring & then end up like Ms. Rituparna (porna?) Sengupta

Some tips to get the "Dia Look"

1. Either Ms. Mirza is blessed with very good skin or she uses some really good foundation & concealor. I suspect it is the latter. In case you are not planning to use a lot of makeup, invest your time in making your skin flawless. Build your base, you can get away with a lot less later in terms of eye/lip makeup.

2. Dark Bronze Brown is your best friend. It'll give you the darkness you need around your eyes while lining, shading, contouring, doing the lower lash line; but it won't have the harshness of black.

3. Your other best friend is mascara - black mascara, but a lengthening one. Not volumising. You want to give the illusion of long, wispy lashes. If you want to wear fake ones, wear single ones at the end. Not full sets.

4. Lay off the contouring. Get a blush that looks very fresh and natural. I suggest dusty rose / coral / peach. Without shimmer. Blend it well.

5. In case your skin is not really at it's peak, use a highlighter / illuminator discreetly mixed in with your foundation.

6. The brows are full & strong. Fill in gaps with a taupe brown powder for the most natural effect.

7. The lips. I think she uses pink brown / peach-pink lip liner, and tops it off with clear gloss or lip balm. The lips are always soft, and glossy.

I found this one picture of Dia, where she seems to be going the whole hog (extended black liner, red lips, contouring). But this is for a photo-shoot, so it could be photo-shopped to make it look better.

I couldn't find a real life picture where she has worn so much makeup.

What do you think of Dia's natural look. Any tips to help recreate it?

PS: Images from Google. 


  1. Ha! so true!! You are right its beautiful but cause its done EVERY-TIME, it does get a little boring.. Wish she would atleast change her lipcolour little more..

  2. I love Dia mirja.Her sense of dressing and makeup is too good..but her makeup lacks versatality if i compare it with kareena and sonam Kapoor.
    She has flawless skin and oh so wanted peachy complexion.
    If I would have been in shoes of Dia i would flaunted hot pink lips so often ..:P

  3. I dont mind that she looks the same everytime..because she always looks good and girl next door pretty! I read an interview where she said that other actresses use that kryolan concealer stick or pancake stick which makes everyone look like they have super skin. She uses a MAC foundation and concealer, but she generally has decent skin too!!

  4. she always looks so fresh...those were some really good tips for attaining her look...u can't always look done up, for everyday this is perfect!! :)
    Great post!!!

  5. I totally adore her style .. and she manages to look superbly pretty always ..

  6. I quite like her style, she is always chic and love her makeup too :)

  7. Though I like Dia's style and makeup, I find it too repetitive! No experimentation at all. One more point adding to the above-- if you've got a strong hair colour, don't go for too bold lips, coz it will backfire like it did for Sonam Kapoor on the Simi Garewal show.

  8. very nice post tanveer...
    ya i too love dia`s look..she looks very pretty n i read some interviews of her..she has a very good knowledge regarding makeup..i think its frm her miss india lessons....

  9. Hey! I like this Diya babe.......agree she plays safe with her makeup.....atleast a bright pink if not a bright red...Whatsay?

  10. I love her make up..always fresh n natural !!
    I read her interview where she said that she has small white acne n her skin is nt perfect too..well it never seemed so..hehe :p

  11. I love her glowy and natural look..Mrs. Sengupta should take a few tips..

  12. i totally love her makeup. personally i am a fan of natural makeup. and i fall into all the 3 categories. :P loud or too colorful makeup never looks good on me. never. so i always prefer using simple black kohl and a natural lipstick. nice post. :))

  13. I love her skin! No wonder she got 'Miss Beautiful Skin' in Miss India. I have noticed that people with that type of skin don't usually look good with too much makeup on- same with some Asian women with flawless skin as well.



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