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Iraya Fresh Face Masque Cocoa & Milk - Review

A Big Thanks to Indian Beauty Central for this. I first read about the brand on her blog & discovered that their flagship store (at G7 mall, versova - the same one which has Inglot) was 10 mins from my home. Her reviews enticed & convinced me to try these guys out.

The Fresh Face Masques are a part of the Iraya Fresh Line.

Iraya Fresh: A range of Face Masques and Body Scrubs made with only the finest ingredients. The freshest flowers. The freshest fruits. The freshest vegetables. The freshest herbs. All mixed with absorbent clays for deep cleansing, toning and to rejuvenate the skin.

They have 6 masques in total. There is a green neem one for acne, a yellow papaya one (this costs 120 for 50 gms), a cucumber one as well I think.

I got the Cocoa & Milk Masque. 

Ingredients: Cocoa Bean, Milk & Hazelnut

Price: Rs. 90 for 50 gms. (that is the least minimum one has to buy)

How I use this: I apply a thick layer all over my cleansed face & neck. I let it stay on for a hour before I wash it off. 

What I liked: 

1. The masque is just awesome, it smells delicious & I feel like eating it most of the time. It leaves the skin very soft & smooth. 

2. It smells like really, really good. Use this when you are having a crappy week, it is very hard to stay angry / sad / irritated when one smells like gorgeous milk chocolate 

3. It is all natural as per Iraya, it has no preservatives. Hence it has a shelf life of only 5 days. 

I had kept this in the fridge - so it is frozen & looks a weird light brown
4. The price is pretty good, especially compared to Lush who sell a similar cupcake chocolate mask for 420 bucks for 100 gms (Though I cannot compare the effectiveness as I haven't used that one)

5. The minimum quantity one has to purchase is 50 gms which may sound less, but actually it is a lot to use up in 5 days. 

What could be better: 

1. Only gripe point is that this expires within 5 days, as it has no preservatives. I am actually fine with this, I rather have it expire faster than coat my skin in a layer of preservatives. 

Recommended: Yes! If you are a fan of fresh face masks. These are very economical, just 90 bucks for 50 gms (which is quite a bit - you'd hardly use even half with daily usage over the 5 days). This one smells amazing, it calms one down immediately. 

I'm def. repurchasing this one, and I also plan to try out the others 

P.S: The sale they have here at the G7 mall in versova is really lame. You get 20% off only if you have shop in some other store at that mall on that very day & have a bill to prove it. Other stores there are Inglot, Mango, Vero Modo, Promod et al. 


  1. Hey Tanveer, congrats you got this one! so glad you loved it.
    The store attendants told me that it'll last well for 3 weeks from date of manufacture in the fridge. Surprisingly the masque I got mentions a sell by date & not a use by date.. any clue why would different outlets have different labeling?

  2. even i'm lusting after these after seeing them at TBC's blog, looks so tempting na...

  3. @IBC: It's all thanks to you. I had seen the store a couple of times but was always in a hurry & never ventured inside. I am storing this in the fridge as of now. It'll be great if this lasts 3 weeks - that way I can use a lot more of this. I don't know why there shd be a difference between stores. I wld rather have the sell by date, as that way I'll know when it was made. The dates I have are just when I bought it & use by date is 5 days post that :D

  4. @SSG: Aare! It is awesome yaar.. I don't feel like washing this thing off. It is so delicious & yum! :D

  5. Hey i didnt know this was available at G7, I am rushing to have a look :)

  6. Hey Tanveer! I've got pimple prone skin, u think this would break me out?! I'm thinking of buying this one, sounds good to me

  7. @Kejal: Do tell us what catches your fancy there! Btw, if you are a fan of vanilla scents, try out their vanilla - whole milk lip balm. It had me swooning :P

    @KBB: Honestly, it is very difficult to predict what causes breakouts..

    Over the years I have figured out that which ingredients tend to break me out.

    Like cocoa butter 9 out of 10 times will give me some acne. This mask is one of those rare exceptions that did not. But this is a rich mask, it is not drying like fuller's earth based mask.

    If your skin is very prone to clogging I suggest you avoid this. They also have a masks for oily skin. You could try those. :D

  8. In fact I chanced upon this outlet accidentally I'd seem their products featured in magazines but i thought these will only be available in their spas or something.. btw I've been storing my masque in fridge for 2 weeks now & haven't experienced any change in the product texture or smell. I think it should last 3 weeks easily

  9. wow !!! i want to explore this brand so much .

  10. I want to try this..I have such a tough time using chocolate masks and not eating them..Nice review Tanveer.

  11. I have never used Iraya, but preservativefree sounds good. Would it go with oily skin type?

  12. so so so nice. but is it available in kolkata?

  13. This looks amazing.......would like to try this out for sure..I am on a hunt for Iraya now. Thanks Tanz for sharing this :)

  14. Mmmmmm...milk and chocolate..sounds soooo yummmy! Will give iraya a whirl !

  15. Iraya only markets is manufactured by Sadatan Ayurveda..a small company..n dey use all natural stuff only in their products...I seriously see d difference in their quality !! der neem lime face wash is my favorite !

  16. Aight!I'll look out for their oily skin stuffs! Thanx!! :D

  17. The review itself is so tempting.......yummy


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